Thiruthangal Nadar College, established in the year 1997 as a college for men was upgraded as a co-educational institution in 2002 to cater to the needs of women in North Chennai thus empowering them. It is a Self-Financing institution affiliated to the University of Madras. It was instituted by the magnanimous members of Chennaivazh Thiruthangal Hindu Nadar Uravinmurai Dharma Fund with a deep sense of generosity and compassion to the under-privileged student community. The benevolent members of the management have extended their exemplary services in the field of education with an exuberant spirit of facilitating and providing wider opportunities to the youth from different backgrounds. The motto of the institution “Knowledge is Power” is pre-eminently enshrined to ignite and enlighten the minds of the youngsters through education by dispelling the darkness of ignorance. The committed services of the members of the management in-line with the dynamic governance and strong skills of leadership have lead to the establishment of a school and college to cater to the needs of the students. Installed in a city of quest for knowledge, amidst many colleges and universities Thiruthangal Nadar College has carved a niche for itself in a north Chennai by imparting quality education and instilling decorum to the future leaders of the nation. The primary vision of the college is to disseminate knowledge and foster in our students positive and critical thinking besides intellectual skills to become empowered beings. Thiruthangal Nadar College has been steadily forging ahead since its inception, adapting to the changes in the world around it but invariably retaining its core values of service, integration, discipline and decency. The mission is to provide quality and need-based education to students with facilities of higher education