BA - Criminolgy & Police Administration

The Department of Criminology was established at Thiruthangal Nadar College, Selavayal, Chennai in 2019 with independent functions of teaching. The Department has been specializing in the fields of juvenile justice, Victimology, police administration, human rights, financial crimes, correctional administration, crime prevention and other related fields. The Department of Criminology and Police Administration offers a Under Graduate course in Criminology and Police Administration. The department have qualified faculty. The faculty of the Department of Criminology and Police Administration is actively engaged in teaching. This Department seeks to integrate theory, research, and practice in the field of criminal justice. This department cultivates student curiosity and critical thinking through promoting student success, professional and academic development. This Department seeks to develop students that will positively impact Criminal Justice.


  • To study crime trends, rates and understanding crime data
  • To facilitate information exchange on a wide range of issues related to the criminal justice field focusing on crime deterrence and youth violence prevention.
  • To make them Understand the Four phrases (Legislative, Executive, Judiciary and Correctional) of Criminal Justice System
  • To develop the ability to distinguish effective crime policies and practices that curb crime and/ or reduce recidivism
  • To develop compassion for community, ridden with social problems that may later contribute to legal problems and victimization.


The department is committed in producing professionals embodied with excellent knowledge and skills in addressing criminality, imbued with competence at meeting the challenge of globalization and endowed with virtues to become responsible individuals.


To prepare students for professional and research careers in criminal justice, criminology and related fields by applying multidisciplinary and comparative social science to understand predict and explain crime.

Department Association




  • Department development through association.
  • Welfare of the students through association.
  • To create awareness about criminal justice system through association.
  • To develop students leadership quality and career guidance.
  • To enrich our students knowledge by conducting Programme by knowledgeable resource person from government and private sectors.