Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility Certificate from University of Madras required for the following categories of students:

Candidates, who have passed the following examinations, must obtain an Eligibility Certificate from the University of Madras.

  •  Private Candidates under Open Schooling System
  • Higher Secondary or Equivalent Examinations conducted by all State Boards other than Tamil Nadu State Board.
  • All degree (UG/PG) examinations conducted by Universities other than University of Madras.

Candidates who have passed the course of study from Board / University that are not listed in the COBSE / UGC / World List of Universities will not be approved for the admission in UG / PG / M. Phil. courses of this University.

Candidates who have passed under 10+1 are Not Eligible for admission to Three Year Under Graduate Degree Course.

Candidates who have passed the degree course under 10+1+3 or 10+2+2 or 11+1+2 are Not Eligible for admission to Post Graduate Degree Course

A candidate will have to present himself/ herself along with parents for a Personal Interview with the Principal on the date mentioned without fail. The provisional selection will be automatically cancelled if the candidate fails to report for the interview on the scheduled date and time.

Submission Guidelines

Students seeking admission to this college should conform to the rules of the Institution. Read the Prospectus thoroughly before filling in the application form. Any request for change of programme after admission will not be entertained.

Guidelines for choosing Part I language (Tamil/Hindi/French)

The applicant has to choose either Tamil or Hindi or French for Shift-I and Tamil or French for Shift-II.

It is advisable to choose the language studied already in class X/ XII.

Students opting for Tamil / Hindi need to have prior exposure of language at school level.

French is taught from the foundation level.

No request for change of language will be entertained after admission.

Community Certificate

The applicant must ensure that he/she has a proof of community that may be required to be submitted at the time of admission.

Marks secured in the Board (Qualifying) Examinations

The marks secured in the Board Examination must be filled in correctly.

Statement of marks downloaded from internet should be attached as proof.


Additional 3 Passport size photos of the applicant in formal wear should be submitted at the time of admission.

Confirmation of Admission

The admission to the programme will be confirmed only after all the necessary documents are submitted.

Students are subject to rules and the code of conduct framed by the authorities of the College. It shall be the duty of every student to conduct himself / herself with decorum in all places and circumstances.

College timing
Shift – I   : 8.00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

Shift – II  : 1.00 p.m. to 5.30 p.m.

Dress Code

Boys– Formal Shirt and Pants (No faded or torn jeans and no balloon fitting pants, no wrist bands, ear rings and tattoo marks).

Girls– Modest Clothes preferably salwar (avoid sleeveless or short tops, flimsy clothes and tights).

Hair do Boys Short cut (trimmed beard and no colouring).

Girls Neatly tied and colouring not permitted.

All students must compulsorily wear ID card on campus. If a student loses his/her ID card, a duplicate ID card will be issued on payment of Rs.500/-.

Students should not use mobile phones in the college campus. Mobile phone if caught, for the first time, will be returned on payment of a fine of Rs.1,000/- . If he/she is caught for the second time, sim card and the mobile phone will not be returned till the end of the year.

Students are prohibited from taking part in any political activity which is detrimental to the dignity of the college. They are not permitted to participate in live or photographic modeling, fashion shows, stage shows and or any TV programme without prior permission from the authorities.

Students’ misconduct in cyber space, social network, public places and while commuting in public transport shall be dealt with stringent action.

No student can conduct any meeting in the campus or collect money or distribute any pamphlets/brochures/notice or display any banner without the prior written permission of the authorities.

If any student is found tampering or misusing the college ID card, library, train/bus pass, strict action will be taken.

A minimum of 75% attendance is required to take up University examinations and to participate in other curricular and co- curricular activities. The student detained for lack of attendance will redo the semester and will be allowed to write only arrear papers if any. Disciplinary action will be taken on students caught for malpractice during examination.

Any change in parents’ contact number/address should be notified to the Department and College Office in the prescribed format available in the college office.

Students coming to college by two-wheelers must possess a valid driving license. Four wheelers are not permitted. Students should park their vehicles in the designated parking area.

Any student taking a day’s leave must take prior permission from the class tutors. Any student taking leave for more than a day should submit explanation letter to the Principal through Class tutors and concerned HODs explaining the reason for his / her absence.

Any accident, chronic sickness or long leave on medical grounds should be reported to the Principal.

Ragging is strictly prohibited. Any student found guilty of ragging will be dealt with severely. Ragging is a punishable offence as per the Tamil Nadu Prohibition of Ragging Act. The college has provided a Black Box near the Principal’s Office to drop complaints of any nature.

Courteous behaviour towards teachers and authorities is expected from every Patrician. If there is any violation, stringent action will be taken.

Damaging the college property or removal / breaking of any property belonging to the college, faculty or fellow students will lead to disciplinary action and the cost of repairs and replacement will be borne by the offender(s). College will not be responsible for the loss of personal belongings.

Any lawful / unlawful activity disrupting the peace on the campus will lead to the expulsion of the student. Any student involved in criminal offence including the possession of Narcotic substances, alcohol, sharp weapons and any other harmful substance or items will not be allowed to continue his / her studies in the college.

The college authorities can frame or modify disciplinary rules from time to time to regulate the conduct of the students inside and outside the college to maintain credibility and reputation of the institution.

The decisions of the college authorities with regard to the disciplinary proceedings for indiscipline and other unlawful activities are final.