The central library is the ‘Heart’ of our institution. The library came into existence since the inception of the college. Thiruthangal Nadar College has a modern and well-equipped library abode in a space of 4091 sq. ft. with 12000 books, journals, periodicals, and newspapers. The library is located on the 1st floor of Science Block. The library is divided into different sections like the Reference book section, Stack section, Journal section, Reading section, and Digital library with the internet. The Central Library provides books, journals, and internet facilities to the students, teaching and non – teaching staff members. Teaching and learning systems are supported by the library through reading material. The library also provides Location of Information, Indexing, Current Awareness services, Selective Dissemination Information, Photocopy and Print copy services for the staff and students. We try to provide best services to our ability for proper and smooth functioning of the library.

To provide comprehensive information resources and value-added services in support of the Research, Teaching and learning needs of the User society to achieve its goal.


The mission is to facilitate the creation of new knowledge through acquisition, organization, dissemination of knowledge resources and providing value-added services.


1. To develop and enhance the capability of the library resources and services to meet the demands of the curriculum, instructional, and research programs of the user community by providing regular funding to the yearly acquisition of library materials.

2. To establish a computer infrastructure for all library operations and services by acquiring library computer software and hardware to make computerization functional.

3. To establish a strong library linkage with other institutions and agencies in the country and if possible with organizations and agencies from foreign countries by seeking their contacts.

4. To provide services that enhance the quest for knowledge and intellectual activity;

5. To create an atmosphere wherein students and faculty enjoy the learning process.

6. To build a complete digital database of resources such as e-journals and e-books from various publishers.


1. Books – 12000

2. Journals – 23

3. Periodicals – 5

4. Magazine – 10

5. Daily’s – 10

6. Projects – 450


1. Reading Section

2. Stack Section

3. Journals Periodicals Section 4. News Paper and Magazine Section

5. Reference Section

6. Digital Learning Section

7. Thesis Section

8. Questions Bank Section


1. OPAC Services

2. Lending Services

3. Reference Services

4. Reprographic Services

5. Newspaper Clipping

6. CD – ROM Access

7. Question Bank

8. Projects

9. Competitive Examination

10. Internet Specialties




TNC Library is the member institution of an e-ShodhSindhu consortium with access to 6,000+ journals, 1, 99,500+ e-books under N-LIST, and 6, 00,000 e-books through NDL.


About N-LIST:

E Resources in N-List:

N-LIST e-resources can be accessed through a valid User ID and Password.



❖ The library will be kept open on all working days between 08.00 am to 5.40 pm.

❖ Silence to be observed inside the library.

❖ All the students of the college are entitled to borrow books from the college Library with use of library ID card.

❖ UG and PG Students can borrow not more than two books, Research Scholars and Staff members can borrow not more than three books at a time from the library.

❖ Every UG and PG student is entitled to keep a book for 10 days and Research scholars and staffs entitled to keep a book for 15 days from the date of issue.

❖ Every book borrowed from the library should be returned on the date marked on the date slip. It will be reissued only once to the same person for a further period of 10 days, if it has not been applied for in the meantime. The book should be shown to the librarian at the time of Renewal.

❖ The librarian may recall any book at any time even before the expiry of the normal period.

❖ If a student fails to return a book on the due date a fine of Rs.2/- per day will be levied, Sundays and holidays being excluded.

❖ Absence from college will not ordinarily be admitted as an excuse for delay in the return of books.

❖ Students are required to use all Library books with care. Marking or underlining or annotating books is prohibited. Disciplinary action will be taken against students damaging books in any manner.

❖ All payments including fines regarding the library shall be paid in the college office and receipts must be shown to the librarian.

❖ Reference books and journals will not be lent out.

❖ Perfect silence and decorum should be maintained, in the library. The Librarian may refuse to issue books to those who violate the rules.

❖ A student who has lost his/her Library ID Card should at once report the matter to the librarian. Duplicate Library ID Card will be issued on payment of a penalty of Rs.100/-

❖ A Student failing to return the book or to pay the fine imposed on him and other charges to the library will not be allowed to borrow books, till the books, already on due from him is returned and fine paid. Such cases will be reported to the principal for disciplinary action.

❖ No transfer certificate or conduct certificate shall be issued to a student until the books have been returned and a due outstanding against the student is discharged.

❖ Loss of books issued, if any, should be reported to the librarian immediately. The borrower should either replace the lost book with the new book within the stipulated time or pay thrice the cost of the book which will be ascertained and fixed by the Librarian.

❖ Library is the place for study. No Student is allowed to eat, drink or speak inside the library. If student behaves differently, he/she will be sent out and appropriate action will be taken against the student.