The department of computer science was established in the academic year 1997-1998.The department offers Computer Science programme which benefits students with the following domains like IT Industry for S/W development and Testing, Quality Assurance,Networking, Web Designing & Cyber-Crime etc., They can find opportunities in various areas like Aerospace, Banking Sectors, Government Organisation, BPO/KPO, Marketing, Logistics, Hospitals, Production & Manufacturing companies.


  • To impart innovative teaching and learning.
  • To produce more software developers & analysts
  • To provide equality education with futuristic trends in information technology.
  • To develop the institute as a research center for academic excellence.
  • To ensure continual improvement in quality management system.


  • To guide students to become world class professionals, proficient, highly competent in the Industries of Computer Application to excel in their career and also to become responsible & self-esteemed individuals in the society.


  • Developing students into IT professionals with dignity and ethical values. Focus is on empowering students with Theoretical, Programming Communication, Teamwork, Organization and Management skills.



To encourage and facilitate students to create something new byte by byte in cutting-edge digital platforms and help them to succeed in their promising career.


  • Facilitate the students to think, innovate and exhibit their ideas.
  • Sowing in young mind ‘Career growth is an obligation to shape better society’ through seminars, webinars and guest lectures.
  • Awakening the curiosity of the students to know about the emerging trends in the technology by conducting eye-opener sessions.
  • Conducting events for students to showcase their talents, to develop their inter-personal skills and leadership qualities.
  • Encourage to have a healthy competitive spirit and to have mutual respect among students and staff members.