B.S.W-Social Work

The Department of Social Work was established in the year 2018 offering bachelor’s degree in social work. The focus of the department is to engage the students in the development of the community paving a path to the development of society. The course is designed as a competency-based program that promotes the profession of social work by educating students to become leaders for social change. The curriculum emphasizes social work values, principles and methods that enable students to adopt need-based strategies and interventions through experiential learning. Our department comprises faculty of varied specializations and interests which enhance and assures innovative classroom experience. Fieldwork, which is the signature pedagogy of the Social Work course provides scope for the students to integrate theory with practice, thus ensuring the transfer of classroom knowledge into field experience. Social work education inspires students to achieve academic and practice excellence as it equips students to impact individuals, families, groups, and communities. The department collaborates with international, national, and local organisations for concurrent field work practicum, research, and training.


  • To provide experiential learning to the students through different modesto employ a planned change approach which supports client interventions in different system. (Micro,Mezzo and Macro)
  • Integrate knowledge of the history of social work profession and current social welfare structures, with the ability to analyse their impacts on the society.
  • To make the students aware of the different social problems and apply critical thinking skills in problem solving with social work values and ethics.
  • To facilitate students to collaborate and build a good rapport with Social Work agencies and other organizations.
  • To provide the opportunity for several certificate and add on courses where the students could develop their skills and abilities.


To educate and empower the students to promote social justice through academic excellenceto respond to social realities that bring necessary changes with values of truth, justice, and peace.


To provide holistic undergraduate social work education to students inculcating the values of self-determination, empowerment, & regard for diversity by eliminating the inequalities and injustice

Department Association



The Department of Social Work, Thiruthangal Nadar College has initiated a student Association named “Catharsis”. It was started by the first batch Students of Department Social Work in the academic year 2019-2020. The Association was started by the students for their own personal development and also the development of society.

The word catharsis comes from the Greek word katharsis, which, literally translated, means “a cleansing or purging.” Through Catharsis negative feelings were presumably purged and cleansed. This emotional cleansing was believed to benefit both the individual and society.


  • To develop leadership qualities among the students.
  • To enhance skills of organizing various activities.
  • To inculcate in students the importance of team work and effective participation.